Monday, March 5, 2012

Pet Custody

In recent years, divorcing parties are increasingly in dispute of which spouse shall retain custody of the family pet. In such situations, Indiana courts have historically treated the pet as a piece of property to be divided with the parties’ remaining assets and liabilities.  Under such legal classification, a court would not have the authority to order a pet visitation schedule.  However, the parties may agree to a visitation schedule and submit the same as a part of their final Settlement Agreement.  Such an agreement may be as detailed as the parties prefer, including for example, provisions with respect to the payment of pet-related expenses.

 It is interesting to note how that some courts around the country are shifting their approach and have began applying standards applicable to child custody disputes, such as the best interest of the “pet” standard.  The following article discusses how various courts handle disputes regarding custody of the family pet. For the full-text article, please visit:
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