Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Helping Children Through Divorce

As mentioned in this blog, an amicable divorce, or at least one that is not contentious, can have a significant influence on the post-dissolution relationship.  Disputes during the divorce can lead to feelings of bitterness and the continuation of conflict.  

This is of particular importance in divorces involving children.  There are a number of online resources that provide guidance in assisting your children in coping with the divorce.  Engaging the services of a counselor can be very helpful as well.

In part, the advice you will find online can be summarized as follows:  Don’t lie to your children and don’t involve them in the divorce.  These goals may seem contradictory on the surface, but utilizing common sense will go a long way to easing the post-dissolution transition for your children.  “Don’t lie” means you should talk to your children about the divorce.  Children are generally more perceptive than given credit for and hiding the truth is not productive.  “Don’t involve” means do not try to get information concerning the other parent from your children, keep them shielded from any arguments between the parents, and do not advise them of court dates, among other things.

Educating yourself can be a critical part of helping your children cope with a significant change in their lives and increase the chances of a positive post-dissolution relationship for all involved.

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