Friday, March 2, 2012

Its Time to Start Thinking About Summer Parenting Time....

If you are divorced and you have children, April 1st is an important date. That is the deadline for a noncustodial parent to elect parenting time during the summer.  If the noncustodial parent does not elect parenting time by that date than the custodial parent gets to choose what portion of the summer he or she spends with the children. Do you have vacation plans this summer?  Are you thinking about taking your children to Disney World? If so, and you are a noncustodial parent do not overlook the April 1st deadline.

The attorneys at Hollingsworth & Zivitz, P.C. can assist you in electing your summer parenting time schedule so you can spend quality time with your children under your terms.

At Hollingsworth & Zivitz, P.C., our team has the experience, the understanding, and the compassion to assist with your family law needs. If you have questions or concerns regarding divorce, custody, support, or any other family law concerns contact our firm at 317.569.2200 or

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