Thursday, May 24, 2012

Custody Involving Active Duty Military Personnel

At Hollingsworth & Zivitz, P.C. our attorneys often work with members of the United States armed services.  Indiana is home to several national guard units.  These brave soldiers who have left so much on the battlefield and who have given so much of themselves in training and drill on the state-side can find themselves involved in divorce and child custody actions.

Fortunately for these individuals, the Indiana legislature has paid special attention to custody proceedings when military personnel are involved and have crafted specific language for active duty and reserve members of the military.

One common issue child-related issue for military personnel involves parenting time during their scheduled drill.  Indiana code has a specific provision to deal with these instances, allowing the guardsman specific mandatory make up time provisions for them to not miss out in the quantity of time with their children.

Additionally, the Indiana legislature has codified law specifically prohibiting courts from factoring in a military members service or relocation in making a custody determination.

If you are a member of the United States military or a national guardsman, and are going through a family law issue such as divorce, paternity, or child custody, the attorneys at Hollingsworth & Zivitz, P.C. are eager to assist you.

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