Friday, July 13, 2012

Is the Magic Gone?

Making the decision to file for divorce is for many people a heart-wrenching decision that comes at the end of a long, thought out process involving the consideration of the impact on children, finances, and stability, amongst many other factors.

Believe it or not, most divorce attorneys (or at least us at HZ) do not actively encourage divorce.  We understand it is a part of our society, and yes, we earn a living of the process.  However, seeing divorce up close shows that it is often a very stressful process that takes a toll on all involved.  Thus, it is not our role and certainly not our goal to persuade someone to get divorced.   
So what are some of the factors to consider when contemplating a divorce?  For the most part, such advice falls outside of the purview of our expertise.  Moreover, such a significant decision can and should only be made by the person asking the question.  As a starter list, though, the linked article has some sound advice on factors you may want to consider when pondering the potential end of a marriage.
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