Monday, February 13, 2012

Required Parenting Classes for Divorce

Many family law courts in Indiana require divorcing parents to complete a co-parenting class prior to issuing a final divorce decree.  Divorcing parents should consult with their attorney or the court handling their matter regarding whether he/she is required to complete a co-parenting class, as not all counties and courts have the same requirements.

Some Indiana counties, including Marion, Hamilton, Shelby, Monroe, require divorcing parents to complete the Children Cope with Divorce seminar, commonly known as the COPE class, prior to the court granting a final divorce decree.  The COPE class is a four-hour educational program for divorcing parents that emphasizes the needs of the children and is offered at several different locations including Indianapolis, Bloomington, Noblesville, Batesville, Shelbyville, and Nashville, Indiana.

Boone County requires that divorcing parents complete the “Helping Children Through Divorce” workshop with the Boone County Mental Health Association and some Hendricks County courts will require divorcing parenting to complete   the “Our Children – Our Divorce” seminar.  Information about this seminar may be obtained by calling the Mental Health Association of Hendricks County at (317) 272-0027.

In military divorces, completing the COPE class or other required class may not be practical for a parent who is overseas on deployment in the military.  In such a situation, an attorney’s assistance may be necessary.

Also available to parents are on-line classes focusing on the needs of the children, such as:

- for divorced or divorcing parents;

- for parents who are still open to saving their marriage; or
- for parents who never married.

Indiana courts often recommend that divorcing parents complete the online Up To Parents class, and in some instances, the court may even require such. 

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