Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Divorce Party?

The concept of having a party to commemorate the finalization of a divorce has become a trendy thing to do, at least amongst celebrities and those with much disposable income on their hands.  
A divorce is almost always stressful and sometimes a highly contentious event in a person’s life.  While the thought of holding a joint divorce party may sound silly or frivolous in concept, there is something that can be learned from those that end a marriage on good enough terms to hold a party. 
Actions taking during the divorce process can have a significant and negative impact on communication post-dissolution.  This is not to say certain issues are not worth disputing or that going to court is never worthwhile.  Sometimes an issue must be litigated.  However, a less contentious divorce typically leads to a less contentious post-divorce, particularly when children are involved. 
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